Thursday, July 7, 2011

God Encounters

It's been too long.
It's not that I have been on vacation,nor that my mind has settled to nothingness,I returned here several times to try to put words in their place ...
I am back.

In the past week I have had God sightings - no, more like God encounters.

Soon it will be a week. Saturday 4:00 AM it will be.
We woke to the sounds of our young neighbor in desperate need of help.
What to do?
God said "go"- so I went.
I sat there with my arms around her on her concrete garage floor.She cried, she talked.I whispered the name of Jesus, giving encouraging words where appropriate but mostly just letting her talk as her mangled thoughts became words.She sat stiff and rigid,holding on to my hand.
I prayed with her and at that moment  her body totally relaxed against me.Jesus was there.
He was holding her.
He was holding me.-Oh he was ALWAYS there but at that moment I felt him.
I wanted to keep her there. She soon went back to the horror of the morning.
 I pray she will never forget that moment.
I won't.

Earlier this week the setting was completely different.I was sitting by the beach overlooking the water.I had a small time of just resting.It was if He found me there sitting still and came in close.Again it was just for a short moment , but I knew he was there- reassuring,encouraging.

You know He is always pursuing , always wanting to draw us close, have one on one time.
He is ALWAYS there.
I  just wonder...
 how many times I miss him because  I am too distracted or too restless to sit still long enough to feel.
I am convinced these encounters  happen in the middle of busy.
BUT if I don't know how it is to have him close or hear his voice  in quiet how will I feel him in busy or in noise?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Growing Pains

Had a good talk with a friend recently.
A very honest conversation.She took what I said and responded with truth.Truth that wasn't really fun to hear although, it will help me grow in the long run. It woulda been more fun to hear her say " nah~ your not like that at's only the people in your life...they need to understand you...".
Growth is tough.
When you were little do you remember your parents talk about "growing pains"?
It doesn't stop when your fully grown ....except it's in character rather than stature... it still aches, just not our bones but our spirit.
With the pain of growth we become more Christ-like and better people.Though the end result is for our good ( and hopefully others,because we will be easier to live with).;0

Do you ever think that your enjoying holding that grudge a bit too much? It's a kinda  a good feeling to hold onto those thoughts that make you feel a little "more better" than the other guy? " least I don't __________"(fill in the blank
 "Whoa!" mind is telling me... that's exactly what Jesus called  " like a Pharisee" plus-"do not be like them"!
In the midst of the growing pains I hear God asking me to make that first move- the move that will reconcile.
Why ME?!
 I wanna argue back and remind God whose right , whose argument makes more sense,
-c'mon aren't I more Biblical-y correct here? He than reminds me that If I am so concerned about whose "Biblical-y correct" than I should not only listen to him but DO what He asked!
It stops me in my tracks, because you see-
I like justice-

but you know what?

Life is not always fair!
At any rate....
God knows what makes me grow...
what makes me more like Him...
sometimes it takes too many nudges before I move...
too many lessons...
too many days between hearing the direction and the actual doing it.
The wonder of it all?
He Never gives up on me.
He asked so I need to...
Swallow.....breathe....step out and DO what God asked.
Because if He suggested it doesn't mean it will be easy, but that He will be right there beside me encouraging,in front of me leading, behind me nudging.
After words he doesn't say "I told you so".Simply, "I love you ,next time don't wait so long- trust me".


Monday, June 13, 2011


VBS is in full swing....!

Wow ~

  • 193 kids
  • Oover 100 volunteers
  • 5 "mission sites" for the kids to do hands on projects for missions
  • 5 "story sites" to learn about Paul as a missionary
  • 300 cookies donated each night
  • Countless cups of punch
  • Singing(loudly) in assembly
  • Memory verses
  • New friendships
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Kids are hearing about Salvation ,(maybe for the first time)

Along with this ;

  1. I am busy with normal life stuff...
  2. I am working on a few posts...:0
  3. I promise pictures!

Have a wonderful day.....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Appliance Alliance...

So here I sit at 

My dryer broke….. It started to make a horrible noise that sounded like I had  a tin can in the dryer with the laundry ...
 we suffered through it…closed the laundry door to block the horrific noise, the next step would have been ear plugs- On it’s final run we discovered black streaks on our clothes and a burn hole on a pair of shorts. In that event we decided until we find a new  used dryer we would have to visit the  ol’ laundromat.
 I found it funny that the place is called “Coin Laundry”.
Funny…my dryer sounded like it had a whole lotta coins rumbling around in it.:)
Oh- If you are wondering what the going cost is for a load of laundry- For every 25 cents you get 6 whole minutes of drying time (this was for a commercial size dryer).My cost?

This pile is 2 washer loads

dried in this humungo dryer was $1.00 for a grand total of 24 minutes....

My washer still works but probably not for's day's are numbered!

 In case It's been awhile that you frequented a place like this ...some things never change! This one was
is very clean.
Those ugly yellow chairs.  I wonder-why are they connected? AND.. Remember to always take something along to do ,plenty of change, and COFFEE!

A must...soda machines

These soap machines...cutsie little boxes of soap that cost $$$.Wow  the price for that small amount of soap would make any coupon-er faint!

In case #1- you only have paper money....

in case #2- you forgot your own game thingy that is what?  300 times smaller....

LOVE vintage signs...I want one like this for my laundry room!
To add to all of this…my dishwasher gave up the ghost last week too! It refuses to drain. I think my appliances formed an alliance(forgive my play on words here) and decided to all break down in one week. Wonder if there is anyplace one can take a pile of dishes and run a load through the dishwasher…funny thought! I could start one and call it a “Dish-o-mat”!   If I told you I was washing my clothes by hand because my washer broke you would wonder why I don’t load up my clothes and go to a Laundromat ,but never would we question washing dishes by hand….:)-just a thought...

That was yesterday....
Let me tell you what God did today...

Chip came home from work and said "Honey I got your Christmas present -Come and see!"
I followed him out the door and this is what was on the back of his truck...
not only a dishwasher but....

A washer AND a dryer...
I was in awe!
Chip did a demolition in a condo today and this was what he took out...
They by far are not the latest version ,front load or stainless steel but they are  CLEAN, barely used and given by God who knew last week when Habitat got the days mixed up for pick up that I , HIS CHILD was going to NEED this!
I still sit her amazed at this provision! it chokes me up and makes me cry...(wow!)

Just over the weekend I heard the old song "His eye is on the sparrow ,and I know He watches me..."
He proved it hugely this week...


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Online book study

I wanted to let you know about an online book study I signed up for...check it out! Click on this link and it will explain it better than I could! I have never done this before but I thought it would be fun!

"Made to Crave" online book study

It started yesterday but don't let that keep you from joining !

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's not all about me....there is cheese involved!

I hesitate to write this.A part of me wants to just write fluffy,fun,not too personal stuff but...when I am feeling like I have for the past week I log into Blogger to post and nothing comes to mind.What is in my head might not look all too pretty in words.
 It's personal.
I might look ridiculous if someone reads it.
 But than, weeks go by and this space stays empty. I don't mind if people see my heart.I hope that maybe someone will relate.... here is an honest picture of me ~
When my mind gets too full of facts,decisions to be made,things to sort , plus normal every day stuff  I tend to not to focus on any one thing too long but keep going around and around with all the different thought processes.
(I know that sounds really dumb when I actually say it .)
I guess, maybe than, I never really need to make a decision about any specific "thing" - because I am still thinking about it so I am not really procrastinating...
I AM "actively" thinking! :)
  On the down side and I mean "the bottom of the mountain downside" I finally get so stressed out that emotionally I could (and do cry) at the drop of a hat....
yes...sounds ridiculous...
 do I need therapy....
 do I need help? :)
 Yay for me, We are doing a study at church on personalities hopefully it will help me understand and  figure me out- changes I can make, learn to react differently to situations, hand life better. My personality type will not be discussed till week 7 and there are 2 weeks that there will not be class- that's sounds like a loooong time! I am hoping to  get some wisdom by studying for myself.Which I am currently doing and "ahem" actively thinking about :)

There are a few things I realize I need to change about me
it kinda scares me
on the other hand it relieves me.

Part of the change will happen with the help of my  husband....who is very giving ,very understanding  and loves me for who I am - he understands my need to try various experiences and try so many new ideas -but I need to learn to stick to things.Hopefully, he can help me in my need in the area of sticking to-edness!
That is the part that scares me!
I am spontaneous,I love new concepts, experiences and variety
and do not like a schedule that cannot be moved-I do not like the feeling of being boxed in or being told what to do- especially when I don't feel like it.
Hows that for some truth about me? :)

Next week is VBS....It will all work out many details!

The beginning of this week I hope goes by quickly...I enjoy being a "deli girl" ~helping make people's market experience what it should be...but really folks, does your life really depend on the slice size of your cheese? Last week I had a customer ask for her cheese to be "on the thin side" so...I accommodated her (I thought) when I placed the slices on the scale she physically shivered---alas! it was smidgen too thick! Her husband gently put his hand on her shoulder reassuring her....I quickly (for fear she would panic right there in the deli) offered to re-slice the muenster cheese but would be "ok"~ they thought...O God help me to be loving and patient ~ this is after all, their cheese !

Have a lovely day! Sliced just the way you like it!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

On Sunday Decisions and Promised Pictures

It's Sunday afternoon going towards evening....sigh...
 It's been a great day - I love Sundays.It's always the toss up of do we do something FUN,
or, do we relax the whole day as in napping,watching TV,browsing  stalking other people's face book profile know spend the day with the nothingness that on a week day, makes you feel like 
you are 
When it's a rainy Sunday a part of me is so happy that the decision is made for me...No question of doing anything outdoors.

I remember....

....... Before I was married and still living at home Sunday afternoon was nap time!We would hurry eat lunch and clean up the kitchen than off to ZZZZZ land...the whole house was quiet. About 3 or 4 o'clock Dad would get out the Stir Crazy and pop corn, we would all gather at the table/kitchen , than we would pull out  leftovers from lunch and invariably ice cream was for dessert. This was Sunday supper.
HMMM ..Fond memories.
To this day I often crave a  snack at about 4ish O'clock on Sundays.I love the smell of popcorn on Sunday afternoons. 

  Today, Grant was our "only child" all afternoon. Poor guy- he fell victim to my plan to get some exercise and enjoy Island Park . Of course,this took convincing! It was beautiful but REALLY hot on our walk.

We did take a break and sat by a little beach on the other side of the bridge to rest a bit.The breeze felt so cool under the bridge

"under the boardwalk bridge,we'll be fallin in love!":) (Not a country music fan at all -but couldn't resist :)

GOOFY  as can be! I told him today if I wrote all the funny things he said I would have a book and be rich! So witty!

Than...R.E.L.A.X.A.T.I.O.N.~ Island park ...I LOVE this place! 

I wonder...How do you like to spend your Sundays? Leave me a comment!

I promised pictures of our time on the east coast.So here they are...

Inside the car I enjoyed a good read.....
Outside ,the love bugs  covered our car. At one point we had to stop and clean off our windshield...Sorry for this gross-ness but it was part of the trip!

Grant and Courtney's band made 3rd place at State(I couldn't see Courtney :(   )
What was left at Cheeburger Cheeburger was DELICIOUS!
Shelbey and Courtney who knows what the conversation is! These girls  are like sisters.
Grant and Garrett

Outside the restaurant Ritzy City!

Grant performed his solo on Friday morning....lots of prayer and practice! HE got first place!
A neat side story....20 minutes or so  before Grant's time was to perform his nerves got the best of him.We prayed with him and he went to walk it off a little.I got on my cell phone and text a bunch of friends asking them to pray.....they prayed.BUT some didn't get the text right away and hours after I received responses saying, "We are praying".The verse where we are told that God knows what we are going to say even before it leaves our lips brought new meaning to me that day! In our human minds it seemed as though it was too late to pray ...God knew and used those prayers! 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Sandwich Recipe(you ask for)

When I make food I often use the recipe as  "template" and make my own version,or mix a few recipe ideas together to make a new one.Recently I was frying up some sausage rounds and ended up with what I called "Corn Dog Casserole"
Everybody liked it but...
  Courtney-incidentally she doesn't like corn dogs!.
  Ask my kids and they will tell you.there are lots of times I tell them to enjoy something at the moment because I may never make it like this again! My family is very easy to cook for, which makes this nice.
  In this particular sandwich (pictured in the previous post) I opted to use a lrg loaf of bread but the recipe calls for dinner rolls....You can use whatever combo of  meat and cheese you prefer

Sticky Bun Sandwiches...Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
1- 12 pk dinner or sandwich rolls(Martin's Potato rolls work great!)
1/2- lb. Ham
1/2 -lb.Sliced Farmers cheese
1/2 -C. butter
1- tsp. Mustard
1-tsp. Worcestershire Sauce
1- tsp. Poppy seeds
1-tsp. Onion Flakes
Place bottom half of rolls in 9x13 pan. Layer ham and cheese on rolls.Mix together rest of ingredients and drizzle over rolls (saving a little to brush over tops).Place tops and brush on reserved sauce.Cover,bake at 350 degrees for 25 min.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Friends,Wisdom and Summertime

My day off...
It's been a good day although it started out a little rough.I met with a friend  she asked a very common question-"So, how are you?" My response came out all jerky and teary because I was trying to be strong and not cry but you know how it is when a good friend asks that question....! Needless to say I fell apart and the truth of how I was came out.We had a healing conversation about what was troubling me, it was so good to just get it off my chest ,she had encouraging words.We moved on to other subjects enjoying our coffee....friends are wonderful!
Most importantly,
Before I met with her I had met with another friend and HE reminded me of this ;

1. "My son,(Caroline) "if you accept my words
   and store up my commands within you,
2 turning your ear to wisdom
   and applying your heart to understanding,
3 and if you call out for insight
   and cry aloud for understanding,
4 and if you look for it as for silver
   and search for it as for hidden treasure,
5 then you will understand the fear of the LORD
   and find the knowledge of God.
6 For the LORD gives wisdom,
   and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
7 He holds victory in store for the upright,
   he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,
8 for he guards the course of the just
   and protects the way of his faithful ones. 9 Then you will understand what is right and just
   and fair—every good path.
10 For wisdom will enter your heart,
   and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.
11 Discretion will protect you,
   and understanding will guard you."

 .God is real -HE met me there at Pastry Art in that comfy chair...
The rest of the day went MUCH better!

  • A  stop at GOODWILL, (makes any day fun!)
  • Grocery store(savings,savings,savings=satisfaction!)
  • Put make ahead suppers in the freezer
  • Baked home-made Granola
  • A walk/run with my boys on the man made hill close to our house

Summer is here?
I question that.
1.It's Florida and
2. It's May (actually,the middle if May)
This weather is UNBELIEVABLE! This evening sitting around a fire on the patio would not have been too warm. A beautiful breeze and wonderful lighting made sitting outside perfect.(I guess June 21st id the OFFICIAL first day of summer)

Even with the previous questioning of whether summer is actually here , I have tried a few "summer-y" recipes already ...

Fresh peaches

Salads with strawberries and home made  Celery seed dressing

The ultimate summer food! 

Sticky bun sandwiches...simple easy and fast! I chose to use a loaf  here instead of little was YUMMY and dripping with delicious!

 May I suggest? If you live here in Sarasota,the most "delicious-est" bread to use is our fresh breads at Detwilers Farm Market ...Freshly made every day!

Preview(without the view) of my next post: Our weekend at West Palm Beach (waiting for pictures in my inbox)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's it!

Mothers Day.I love this day.I salute whoever came up with the great idea. I wonder how it all started?I could maybe imagine...which I love to do.
It was Saturday eve. the baking was done,the house was spotless,the yard pristine,laundry folded neatly in the drawers,Sunday lunch was prepped and ready, property was bought ,servants were happy...the Perfect Proverbs 31 wife was sitting on the edge of her bed and with a sigh and said " I wish there were a day when I could be perfectly lazy and everyone would dote on me and give me cards, flowers and chocolates, when I could do as I please and not feel one bit like I need to lift a finger."  Her hubby who incidentally took hints very well, decided in his mind to create a day just like that.The very first thing Monday morning he "hooked up" his horse and carriage and drove strait -a- way(I like the old fashioned term) to the county courthouse delivering a "recommendation for a holiday" letter and sent it to the president of the US of A. The rest is history!

I do love Mother's Day. I milk it for all it's worth :) I try to have "practice for Mother's Day days" but my family doesn't fall for it!

I started this year's weekend  with taking  breakfast Friday morning to my moms...
it was a beautiful day- perfect for breakfast outdoors  and sitting near her flower beds

she has a GREEN thumb- sometimes I am GREEN with  envy

Simple.Refreshing. Tasty

Dads choice: mini wheat's :)

my parents. My dads typical silly expression!

Love my mom....

they are what  make me a mom...
 My kids and hubby know that I LOVE a day at the beach.... after church and lunch at home (which I did not help prepare) we headed out to Lido Beach for the afternoon. So Beautiful... the day did not disappoint!

Can't decide which way to go???

Grant caught a sea horse! I saw him desperately waving me into the water asking for a bucket....he didn't want to say "I got a sea hose" real loud because there are folks out there who are always worried we are gonna "kill" the ocean life.We did throw it back in after enjoying it a bit... 

My girlie and me

In the evening we had a potluck supper with our church family-the guys cooked.This pizza dip was Chip's  contribution.

8 oz. Cream Cheese
8 oz. Sour Cream
1 tsp. Italian Seasoning
1 tsp. Garlic powder

1/2 Small jar pizza sauce
Shredded Muenster cheese
 Sauteed green,red peppers,onions, jalapeno peppers
Cilantro to taste

Mix first 5 ingredients put in 9x9 pan.Bake at 350 for 25-20 min till hot.Sprinkle cheese,cilantro and vegetables on top return to oven till cheese is melted.serve with crackers or tortilla chips...YUMMO!  
Monday came and the rest of the week to follow...woo boy! The week overwhelms me ! But I got this encouragement on Sunday....

Christ in Me ~I in Christ.....It's the only way I can!