Saturday, July 4, 2009


I have been enjoying the verses in Psalm 119 this week.Verse 45 caught my attention. "I will walk in freedom, for I have devoted myself to your commandments". There is an irony to that truth. Put yourself there. Someone is in command sets "rules" or boundaries and you are under them. Freedom? Do boundaries bring about of freedom?Let's say you went out and bought yourself a book. A book about "How to be a Prayer Warrior".The author gives guidelines for you to follow to progress in this area. But, buying the book does nothing,You have to discipline yourself to actually follow these instructions given by the author to succeed. When I looked up "Disciplines" in the Thesaurus the one word they gave me was “imprisonment“. So, I beg to question ,Disciplines are boundaries, boundaries bring freedom? I say, "absolutely"! There is a free-ness when I know that there are guard rails-if you please- to keep me safe.Not in a legalistic, closed in area kind of way but to know that I am where God wants me to be spiritually growing,morally correct and living my life in His circle of fellowship.I want to live in a way that my Spirit is so in tune with the Holy Spirit that I immediately know I have overstepped those boundaries.
Of Course this whole thinking of FREEDOM has come by the way of thinking about the July 4th Holiday which we celebrated with family.We had a wonderful time picnic-ing by the water,relaxing,and enjoying each other's company.A few of us walked to St. Armand's to get ice cream and a cold drink.

So beautiful! All those people coming together to watch the fireworks and know that someday Jesus will light up the sky with his return and all people will see him! GLORIOUS!
Happy 4th of July weekend to you...enjoy your freedom in Christ!