Friday, January 28, 2011

Being me

Why is it so difficult to accept sometimes who “me” is. Meaning You, and me. You thinking who you are and me who me is. I ,this morning am feeling a bit overwhelmed by so much. My mind is going in so many directions ,excitement over a new venture, the normal life of trying to find a new job and than I am wanting to take the easy road, say “STOP everything!” . I know this new venture for me is putting myself and what I think about and what I love out there for anyone who wants to see and I than begin the worry fit….I Know it is not God putting those worries into my heart. My mind is churning around like the load in my dryer right now…Like I said I know it’s not God -it’s that horrible “being” that does not want anyone to be blessed by another…he only finds glee-(I refuse to use the word happiness when talking about the devil himself) in the miserable-ness of humans. Anyway ,why am I giving him so much room on my blog post anyway -so lets move on…

I am aspiring to use the gifts God has blessed me with. I have asked a few lovely ladies from church to help in this venture since I have tendencies to become overwhelmed before the project even begins-hence my agitated thinking patterns this morning. They so readily agreed we met at Panera Bread and the ball started to roll! Whew…I came home charged and ready for the Holy Spirit to move within me and START now! Than, as I lay in bed the worry thoughts began. Today I go back and forth with “maybe this is all too fast…maybe I should wait and see” …I begin to browse (I guess that is what it’s called) other blogs and see how beautiful, well known and organized they are. I begin to imagine these other faithful bloggers have a life of pure perfect lives that are interesting to blog about. I am just a simple, plain literally an X- Amish girl who lives a rather normal Sunday to Sunday life ,loves God and hope(notice Hopes) to get a ministry started to help other woman out of this slump that I have basically created for myself this morning…Am I really anyone? Does my life really merit more than the norm? O boy….Here we go a full circle and than I pray LORD…HELP!

God made me, me and you ,you…sometimes it’s so hard to see ourselves succeed. But, when that is our praise back to God- when we receive joyfully what he’s given and return it back to him…There it is…that’s my final answer. It’s about God and not about me. When my focus gets so inward than is when the trouble starts.

I today will return to God what he has given me packaged as beautifully as I can in praise to him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shaving Yaks

That is exactly what I have been doing...Shaving yaks.If you have never heard of the term let me tell you how I heard it than what the actual meaning of it is.
I first heard it in a sermon.That sermon has stuck with me -probably because I am an avid yak shaver.This is what it is; "yak shaving is what you are doing when you're doing some
stupid, fiddly little task that bears no obvious relationship to what
you're supposed to be working on, but yet a chain of twelve causal
relations links what you're doing to the original meta-task.",( )

Yes, for instance this blog-posts far and few between -that tells you a lot.O it's been on my mind.I have several times logged in but always get distracted by finding reasons to research something ,or edit what I did write and guess what?
in a Bible study  I read in Exodus 14:15-16 that God told Moses to "Tell the Israelites to "MOVE ON". I believe when those words were written all those years ago God thought about me.

Friday, January 14, 2011

simply as a Christian should

I've  been thinking the last few days about getting back to simplicity in being a Christian. Just that phrase alone, can make a person think "what do you mean by that?" I guess I sometimes weary of how difficult I make the simple thing of  being a christian girl,-let's start with prayer- it's talking to God. It's confession.It's telling God about our feelings-about Him,about life,and those situations around us.It's thanksgiving.We are come boldly right? So, let's do it!

 The Bible.Read it! Sounds so simple but yet I make it into a difficult "to do" list.Scripture is so full of direction-but yet I often turn to the christian "self help" section of the local book store  when I get into a cramp about a situation or something...I by no means am saying those are wrong ,they have been a huge help in my life,it's just that it somehow seems wrong when I turn to those first.
The first and greatest commandment is ;

"Love the Lord your God".

Exactly and simply that- LOVE.

Who couldn't love the ONE who has given so much?

Next, it's...

Love your neighbor

How many discussions can one have about that? Seriously! I need to quit beating a dead horse and act on it!
Another area I think about-
 The Holy Spirit in my life.  Directing,nudging,leading....but yet I ignore way too often!

So, there you go-getting back to simply being God's child.

Friday, January 7, 2011

day late and a dollar short?

Ah here it is January ? ....not exactly sure  of the date today I just know that the days are just as long as they  were when I was a kid -but they seem shorter somehow-and at other times the weeks seem long. I feel as tho the week we spent in Pa. over Christmas was a month ago already! That is strange. Maybe because  I have been having World war III with the flu in my system  -  My New years day came and went with out any festivities at all -which made me so sad! ....I love New years and the freshness of it...the whole idea of getting a new start,taking up where I left off. .Check when my last post was! it's actually over a year ago New years! My MY...I guess I just said


a fresh start!" :)

Reflecting on the past's good there are pictures to remind us of it all -

Chip's Sister and Family asked us  to join them at a guest House in Clear water last new years was wonderful! We just were plum lazy and I had a scrumptious massage at a local spa . Of course the normal "get the families to stand together act nice and SMILE" photos were taken!

A fun day at a arcade / ride fun place(the name leaves me) It was a great time except for the rain that inhibited the outdoor fun til later in the day when it got very chilly....but none the less -it was FUN!

pardon the sideways photos....when I wait for a year to takes a lot of time!

Life, friends,homecoming,pool and food at Merle and Roses' house,Beach time and backyard parties --2010 holds lots of memories!
I say a few days late...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!