Saturday, May 24, 2014

Middle of God's Heart

There are times I hear a song or read a quote and it simply will not let me go. 

 I turn up the volume,
 I sing at the top of my lungs
than a million thoughts begin tumbling through my mind.

The following questions came after hearing For King and Country's "Middle of your heart".

What does the middle of God's heart look like?
Where does my heart and God's heart meet?
When I follow hard after HIS heart what do the footprints look like?
When someone interacts with me do they see God-do they see the middle of his heart?
 Does it stir a desire in them to begin their own journey?
If I am following hard after him,if I am in the center of his heart EVERY day,
wouldn't the people around me see him- through me?
I know.
No questions asked.
Out there in the
sometimes messy place- called "the world",
how I respond
the words I say
the (what I think goes unnoticed) expression on my face 
 need to be a reflection of Jesus.
All need to bring glory back to Him.

I fail.
I fail a lot.

I need to choose e.v.e.r.y day 
to stay on that path 
to remain(John 15:4)
in the very center of Gods heart.

I am glad God is God. 
I am so thankful He remembers who I am.
I am Human.
When I fail -When I admit I failed and repent, he is there with open arms 
 wearing a smile 
reaching out like the prodigal son's father
 happy to see me come home.-back to the center of his heart  (Luke 15)
He remembers that I am made of dirt.

Be Encouraged Today!  Hebrews3:13

Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Minute Friday

It's 5 minute Friday!

Explained here!

Today's prompt : "CLOSE"


You can take it both ways- close as in, "close the door" or close as in "close to my heart".
So, which one is it?
I started to ponder the difference especially the idea of my "heart".
Why the heart?
Because that is where I either let you , others and most of all God in or I shut you out- that is a BIG difference in the way my life will pan out or even end!
Close the door to my life,is a lonely place to be! no friends,no encouragement , no community .
If I hold you close to my heart-what a difference I can help you and you can help me. We interact IN Each other's lives.
It is a huge difference-really huge!
 So I need to decide today- will I hold the door to my heart closed or pull others in close?
It's a choice only you can make!


That was fun! :) although-the desire to perfect it is hard to let go!

Have a lovely weekend!