Sunday, May 31, 2009

Power in Numbers

This Morning, I was reading in Nehemiah about some happenings during the rebuilding of the wall. I noticed an interesting part that reminded me about the strength of families and groups that have one goal; standing together against the enemy.
Nehemiah 4:10-15 (New International Version)
10 “Meanwhile, the people in Judah said, "The strength of the laborers is giving out, and there is so much rubble that we cannot rebuild the wall."
11 Also our enemies said, "Before they know it or see us, we will be right there among them and will kill them and put an end to the work."
12 Then the Jews who lived near them came and told us ten times over, "Wherever you turn, they will attack us."
13 Therefore I stationed some of the people behind the lowest points of the wall at the exposed places, posting
them by families, with their swords, spears and bows. 14 After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, "Don't be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes."
15 When our enemies heard that we were aware of their plot and that God had frustrated it, we all returned to the wall, each to his own work.”

What a strong leader! Nehemiah helped these people work through something they feared. Puttting them together in units, (namely family units) to collectively fight against the enemy and save their homes. God blessed these people and frustrated the enemy who than retreated, the people returned to the work of the wall.
So much can be learned in this small portion of a bigger story. Sometimes our own portions of work need to be put on hold to band together to save the “whole family”. Whatever your “whole family” may be. I ask myself ,do I notice when a friend or sister needs strength in numbers? Am I willing to lay down my “stuff” for a bit and come to the aide of this need?
Hopefully this will encourage you too!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Recently I made a recipe of a beverage we love during the summer.Iced Coffee.We keep the concentrate in the fridge and it's simple and very quick to make a refreshing treat in the afternoon or evening.

Easy and delicious iced coffee

2 Cups boiling water
1 Cup sugar
1/2 Cup Instant coffee
1/4 Cup Caramel syrup (Or your own favorite)
1 tsp. Vanilla
Mix all together and chill

1 serving of coffee =

4 oz. ice
1/4 cup mix
1 cup milk
Stir and top with Whipped Cream

For a low calorie treat
~ replace sugar with Splenda
~use coffee syrup that is calorie, sugar and fat free
~use a lower fat content milk

I love Raspberries! I love Ice cream!Somewhere I came across this wonderful recipe combining these 2 ingredients and tried it...not only does it look beautiful it tasted WONDERFUL!

Raspberry Cheesecake Shake

1 12-oz. pkg. frozen raspberries, thawed
1 3-oz. pkg cream cheese, softened
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
1 qt. vanilla ice cream, softened
1 12-oz. cans cream soda

Combine raspberries, cream cheese, almond extract, half the ice cream and 1/2 cup of the cream soda in a blender. Cover and blend until smooth.

Divide mixture into tall chilled glasses. Add a scoop of ice cream to each drink and top with remaining cream soda. Garnish with fresh raspberries.

If you get a chance try one and be refreshed!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dilemma (and joys)of Dinner

What's for dinner? I wonder how many mother's really dread that question. Such a simple one tho! You would think it would be easy! I enjoy cooking.I think I am pretty good at it actually. I try to have things in the pantry and freezer to make this time of the evening easier but yet sometimes my brain freezes and I can't make the simple decision of what to put together.Actually, as I am writing this a casserole that I put together is sitting on my counter top ready to be devoured by my family,I have one problem with it...I put buttered bread crumbs on top, put it in the oven on broil to nicely toast it and FORGOT ABOUT IT! Well,it's still good but just a little burnt flavor on top(scrape it off if you don't like the burnt touch!)
once the food is prepared and on the table... I enjoy family dinner time.With the kids being older the conversation gets a little interesting at times.Sometimes we can get downright silly and laugh till the cows come home..(Oh wait we don't have cows!):)
I think that dinner has lost it's "wonder" in the American home. I had a co- worker who knows I am married and have a family ask me in a surprised tone "You cook dinner every night?" I hope to always keep that tradition of family dinner around the table.I remember it growing up and would have it no different here in my own home.
So,in thinking about this whole thing of having to come up with something for my family to eat every evening has more meaning than just consuming food.It also provides a time for the family to stop what they are doing, join around the table,have a chance to talk about their day and maybe share a new joke so we all can laugh together.
Hmmm....I smell dinner(burnt bread crumbs and all)I think it's time to gather the family around...
Till later Caroline

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day!

What is Mother's day to me? I totally enjoy this day to the fullest! It always lands on Sunday of course so that means my family is together.No one is at school or at work.I can be lazy and not have to organize anything! Although It's hard for me to keep my fingers out of stuff and try to help.
We head off to church and generally there is a sermon on mother's and usually it is about all that we do and the respect and love we should get from our families.I have been thinking about this and wondering if maybe I needed more of a sermon on how to be a better mom. A reminder of the fact that the respect I show him greatly affects my children's attitude towards Dad.Of how patience is always better than getting all fires up so quickly.
If it weren't for my children I would not be a mom(Obviously) so why do people look at children as an extra work load? Sure they cause more laundry,they make life more expensive, my freedom was more limited, but the joy they bring totally outweighs all that! I want their respect.I want their love. I want them to think I know how to have fun.But who teaches these children of mine to respect,to love and to appreciate their mom? ME! I try to teach my kids that life and family takes working together.That a family doesn't work by any part of us sitting by getting stuff handed to us.We are a unit,each separate but yet together we get things accomplished!
My children are not little anymore! Island park is a favorite spot of mine .That's where we are taking a picnic today.It makes me happy.They are willingly going along but not with the glee that they used to.:) it's fun to watch them change but some of those fun things that I think still ought to be fun ,they are rather bored...*sigh* life goes on.

I love Mother's day! I thank God for my husband and the 3 great kids I have with him...God bless them all for putting up with me!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Day off

What to do? One day off a week and I have to decide am I going to allow some free time for myself or be real domestic and scurry through the house getting everything done that a good "housewife" would do? *sigh* I have that guilty feeling nagging at me when I look at the clock and think of how little I've accomplished! I have been playing around on my computer having a high old time making my new header...I must confess I was real pleased to finally have figured out a few I just need someone to help me make it a 3 column blog...everything takes time...

More seriously,I don't mind having my mind distracted from what is brewing in the back all day.Chip's brother Jr. found out there is a spot of cancer in his body and is going for more tests today.That "C" word brings pain to my heart!Everything in me wants to deny and just forget about it but....So,today I am praying for him and his wife Becky...such a wionderful couple and lovely family...bring healing God Please~!

Tomorrow is our Ladies Mom/Daughter banquet at Troyer's Dutch Heritage.They have asked me to speak,which I love to do.I have been rolling those thoughts around and around in my head.It's no wonder I feel a little "full brained"... :)! My plan is to talk abot the wardrobe God has created or us.
Well,the housewife in me is winning over now,my dryer has stopped again the wash will not fold itself! Till later ~Caroline