Friday, April 26, 2013

In Stillness

Be still.
I sit here on a bench overlooking a beautiful cove .A spot I discovered here in Sarasota a few weeks ago.
I love this place! I often have twenty minutes to a half an hour before a weekly morning appointment on this day so I stop here.
Nature is alive here. Birds are chirping, pelicans are coming for their breakfast, seagulls squawking for their claim to their portion. Minnows tiny as they are, break the surface of the water nibbling for their breakfast.Bigger fish are showing off, jumping above the water.
                                              In all that activity.... 
                           This spot somehow relaxes and calms me.

Flash back to earlier in the morning---
  I was praying while getting ready for my day. I was asking for an answer from God about something.It was in a sort of desperate kind of way. In that desperation I heard; " BE STILL". I stopped. I listened.Than, I heard the answer.
A bit later I got into my truck to head out for the day and the message on the song on the radio was 
"BE STILL". Again.
I got to the park , found my bench than I immediately began my busyness of settling in,finding what I wanted on my Samsung Tablet (after all I only had 20 or so minutes before I had to be at my appointment). Again I heard " be still- enjoy my beauty".

When I stop and look around I realize this is a taste of the beauty of my God. He created this for me to enjoy.
It's HIM
 It is HIS touch.
For me. 
I can see God here.
If I'm still long enough I may even hear him.
I will not stop talking to God throughout the busyness of the day; short snippets of praise, requests for an answer,thoughts to discuss with him.
I do know
when I STOP
and am still- not only in motion but also in my words 
before my God .

I benefit so greatly.

Be encouraged!