Thursday, December 3, 2009

In the beginning of Dec...

Dec. is here.Thanksgiving 2009 is history. Life is moving on one day at a time. I have to do something to get myself in the mood for Christmas! Seriously things have been rather stressful at work.I know it's not only me because it's a large group of us wondering "what in the world"! But all that aside the family is still looking forward to me doing something to make this Holiday a wonderful time filled with the things we call traditions.Really ,what is Christmas without the huge tree in the house,the lights twinkling,snowmen lined up in their proper places around the house,chocolates,peppermint mochas,and whatever else makes us feel Christmasy.:) O I love it -I love it all I am just having a hard time believing it's that time. Boy o boy, time (literally) flies.

So...this weekend I believe I will have to get busy.Get busy getting this home ready for the Great Holiday of Christmas.My question to myself is...I my heart filled with Jesus? Is my heart in tune with His? Is his place of residence decorated with the best for Him?Is his home uncluttered and beautiful? You know how we sigh,and gasp when we see a home beautifully decorated for Christmas and it brings warm fuzzy ,homey feelings straight to our heart? Well...that is what I want others to see from my life because they see Jesus in my life.I want them to hunger and thirst for the same thing.Back to my first thought I need to do something to get me in the mood....That could be getting new ideas by going out to stores,visiting my friends house that has already decorated or listening to Christmas music...that is my whole point ...hopefully folks will see my heart,and sense a desire to have the same-Jesus!Have a Great time preparing for Christmas!