Friday, May 23, 2014

Five Minute Friday

It's 5 minute Friday!

Explained here!

Today's prompt : "CLOSE"


You can take it both ways- close as in, "close the door" or close as in "close to my heart".
So, which one is it?
I started to ponder the difference especially the idea of my "heart".
Why the heart?
Because that is where I either let you , others and most of all God in or I shut you out- that is a BIG difference in the way my life will pan out or even end!
Close the door to my life,is a lonely place to be! no friends,no encouragement , no community .
If I hold you close to my heart-what a difference I can help you and you can help me. We interact IN Each other's lives.
It is a huge difference-really huge!
 So I need to decide today- will I hold the door to my heart closed or pull others in close?
It's a choice only you can make!


That was fun! :) although-the desire to perfect it is hard to let go!

Have a lovely weekend!

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